Audience Reviews 

“...I have rarely been at a play where the suspension of disbelief fell away so quickly that I did not feel like an audience member but a participant observer.” C

“ I did not expect such artistry and I was powerfully moved to encounter it. I wanted to shout Bravo at the conclusion of the performance but I was too overcome to do so. I will do so when I see it again, which I plan to do.” Christine 

“My husband and I really enjoyed the play. Difficult content but done so well. Great writing, acting, set, costumes and music.” Gillian 

“I loved the writing and the slow and detailed way the playwright unfolded those inspiring women for us. Such seductive and truthful story telling.” MR

“... I love it when I see something and it creates a change inside of me - whether through connection, deeper understanding of another human being's experience or just having enjoyed being present in a moment and this play touched all of those points for me”. L.

“... I was seduced by the understatement of this production, and the fine acting it contains.” CT

Actual Magdalene Laundry image early 1900's